War Memorial

War Memorial

The Carnamah War Memorial is situated to the west of the Perth to Geraldton highway, the Midlands Road, in front of the Railway Station (which has since been removed), facing east towards our main street, Macpherson Street.

The 3.5m high tapered memorial is made of granite, and stands on three tiers. The top tier being 1.2m², the second 1.5m², and the bottom one 2.15m². Each tier is 23cm deep. Cement slabs surround the memorial.

The War Memorial originally had four granite posts with thick chains through each of them located around the memorial and the cement slabs. These have since been relocated to the positions you see today. Neat lawns and shrubs surround the memorial and are maintained by the Shire of Carnamah.

The white marble plaque on the memorial has the names in black letters of those who gave their lives from Carnamah in the First World War and from Carnamah and Coorow during the Second World War.

When this memorial was built in 1931, the Carnamah and Coorow towns were a joint Road Board, the War Memorial was built by public subscription.

In September 1932, the Returned Services League requested the Road Board to floodlight the memorial. This was done and the type of floodlighting has been changed over the years.