Post Office

Post Office

Miss Elizabeth Macpherson was appointed as Morse Operator on 1st June, 1874, at a salary equivalent to $20.00 per annum, at Macpherson Homestead. This facility became a Post and Telegraph Office in 1885, and Miss Margaret Macpherson was postmistress until she retired on 4th August, 1913.

The Post Office was moved to the Railway Station on Miss Macpherson’s retirement, 4th August, 1913. In 1915, it was transferred to Lou Parker’s tin shed at the corner of Caron and Macpherson Streets (later a supermarket and since burnt down).

It was later moved to a stone building opposite the Hotel. Official status was gained on 6th December, 1926. The present site was purchased on 21st May, 1928, and building commenced. This building was opened on 30th June, 1932, by Senator P J Lynch.

The Post Office was also the Telephone exchange with one operator until 1948, when two operators were used. The telephone exchange closed on 3rd November, 1976.

The Post Office was downgraded in 1991, and expressions of interest were called for its operations.

It is currently run in conjunction with a retail business Bush Basket, and the Bankwest Super Agency, and still performs all postal functions.

For more on the history of local postal services, please see the Carnamah Historical Society's Post Office virtual exhibition