Carnamah Museum

Museum plaque      

This building was commenced in 1925, assisted by Mr Kroschel, using local stone quarried from the Macpherson's farm. Mr Kroschel carted the stone and the same builder who built the hotel, Mr G P Duncan, was in charge of the building operations.

Mr Kroschel was a Policeman stationed in Three Springs and had to visit Carnamah regularly to check horses, before he moved to Carnamah.

Mrs Peg Wells was his daughter, and in 1937 she and her husband Ned, moved in to take over the café. The residence was extended then, and Mrs Wells took in boarders.

Mr Kroschel moved to Perth where he was night watchman for Elders for a number of years.

In the building now used by the Historical Society, as a Museum, there is an area visibly filled in – this was the kitchen window, that acted as a servery into the present back room.

When the T A B took over the building, they had the living quarters removed.

This present section was the dining room and café – for the boarders and the public, and was extended out to the footpath at some stage.

When the T A B closed down in mid November 1990, the Historical Society saw an opportunity to obtain an old building and turn it into a Museum, to retain more of the history of the town for future generations.

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