Bankwest Building

Bankwest Building

The original title holder to this building was the Bank of Australasia operating from 17th April, 1929, until being transferred to the R & I Bank on 20th June 1947.

The building was badly neglected over the war years and was completely repainted and renovated prior to the R & I opening on 25th August, 1947.

The residential section comprised of three bedrooms, lounge room, kitchen, maid’s room, a rear sleep-out, wash room and toilet. Water from a well on a neighbouring block was connected in 1949, costing £5 per annum for an unlimited amount of water.

A canvas hood was erected over the entrance to the bank in 1949.

In 1950 a 1,000 gallon tank was installed and over the years more renovations took place and some windows were installed to allow more light.

In 1982 remodelling inside the bank was completed to show the building as you see it today. The original Bank of Australasia name is etched above the front door if you look closely.

In 1994 the name was changed from Rural and Industries Bank of WA to Bankwest. The branch was closed in November 1997.

The building is now privately owned.