Rates & Finance


What are Council Rates?

Local Authority Rates are a levy based upon property values that pay for facilities and services provided by the Council. Facilities include libraries, recreation centres and their grounds, playgrounds, roads, footpaths, parks and reserves.

Property valuations are provided by the Valuer General of WA for two types of values. These are Gross Rental Value (GRV) that usually applies to township areas and Unimproved Value (UV) that is generally for rural land.

GRV is an estimate of the rent a property may earn in a year whereas UV refers to the site value of the property.

GRV's for properties are revalued every four years and values for UV properties are set annually.

Local Governments set a 'rate in the dollar' as part of their Annual Budget process when they are determining the revenue required to be raised by rates for that year's expenditure. There is also a minimum rate set each year to ensure all residents contribute in an equal manner. The minimum rate generally applies to undeveloped properties.

Services for which separate charges may be made, include refuse collection (annual charge with rates), building and planning approvals, and a wide range of professional assistance.

Who pays Council Rates?

Rates are the responsibility of the current owner of a property. Ownership can be established by enquiring with Landgate (www.landgate.wa.gov.au). New owners and those transferring ownership do have a legal responsibility to inform Local Authorities when a change in ownership or the address for service of notice occurs.

Collection of Overdue Rates

There are sections in the Local Government Act that give Councils the power to collect overdue rates. This includes the ability to sell the property if rates are unpaid after three years.

Any costs of legal action will be added to the rates account.

Interest at the rate of 0.01918% per day (7%pa) will accrue on all overdue rates and charges.

Annual Payment of Rates

The option of full payment or four instalments of their Annual Council Rates and Charges is available to ratepayers.

It is important to note that if a ratepayer wishes to pay by instalments they must pay the first instalment by the due date (5th October 2022 for 2022/2023 rates) or they forfeit that option and MUST pay their rates in full.

Make cheque or money order payable to SHIRE OF CARNAMAH and crossed “Not negotiable”.  Mail payment to: Shire of Carnamah, PO BOX 80 Carnamah WA 6517.

Present the rates notice intact to the cashier at 33-37 Macpherson Street, Carnamah WA 6517.  Council offices are open for business:  Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm (excluding Public Holidays).  We accept credit card, debit card, cash, money orders or personal cheques.

Payment is also accepted in person at the Eneabba Office (Recreation Centre) on Thursdays from 10.00am to 2.00pm. We are only able to accept payment by cash, money order or cheque at this office.

Payment may be made by MasterCard or Visa by telephoning Council’s office on 08 9951 7000, or returning the bottom portion of the rates notice to Council.  Payment by credit card incurs a 1.0% surcharge fee.

Bank Details for EFT payment
Account name: Shire of Carnamah Municipal Fund
BSB: 036101
Account: 107186
It is most important that Assessment Number and Surname is quoted when making this payment.

If you are experiencing difficulties in paying, please contact Council's Senior Finance Officer, Mr Sam Song, on 9951 7008 during office hours to arrange a payment plan (fees do apply).

Final notices will be issued seven (7) days after due date.

Instalment Option

The instalment due dates are as follows for the 2022/2023 Council Rates and Charges:

1st Instalment ~ 11.10.2022
2nd Instalment ~ 13.12.2022
3rd Instalment ~ 14.02.2023
4th Instalment ~ 18.04.2023

Pensioners / Seniors

If you meet the following criteria during this financial year, you may be entitled to register your property for a concession on council rates:-

  • You are the owner or part owner of the property;
  • You live in the property;
  • You hold either a current pensioner concession card, seniors card or a state concession card.

Depending upon individual circumstances concessions available are:

  • Rebates of up to 50% of current council rates and Emergency Services Levy.
  • Deferment, without interest, of up to 100% of current rates.

For full details on how to register your property for this purpose please contact Council’s Rates Section (9951 7000).

Note: This concession scheme is funded by the Western Australian State Government under the provisions of the Rates and Charges (Rebates and Deferments) Act 1992 (as amended).  In order to obtain a concession on your current rates account you MUST register at the council office.

Rubbish Charges are not eligible for pension rebates and must be paid in full each year.

Change of Address

Please advise Council in writing of any change of address to which notices are to be sent.  The assessment number should be quoted on all such correspondence.

Emergency Services Levy

The Emergency Services Levy is collected on behalf of, and forwarded to Department of Fire and Emergency Services to fund the Career Fire and Rescue Service, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service, Bush Fire Brigades, SES units and DFES units throughout Western Australia.

Differential Rates

In an attempt to make the rating system fairer and more equitable for all ratepayers Council has imposed differential Gross Rental Valuation (GRV) ratings on rural operations that have infrastructure other than that required for normal operations of a rural property.  These properties where previously rated on Unimproved Valuations (UV).

The changing of rating for gazetted areas from UV to GRV reflects the land use of the area and negates any financial advantage gained by locating developments outside of town site areas.