Temporary Medical Centre Opening Times

28th July 2021


*These are temporary hours until the new doctor commences. After that, the hours will revert back to normal

Temporary Medical Centre Opening Times

Ranger Services and Emergency Management

27th July 2021

The Shire’s existing Emergency Management & Ranger Services position has been made redundant as a result of an organisational review, and ceases on 30 July 2021.

The function has been split in two and the following arrangements will be in place from 1 August 2021:

  • The ranger service will be provided by WA Contract Rangers. Should you have need of a ranger in an emergency, please contact the Shire or call Matt Sharpe directly on 0459 678 154. Emergencies, in relation to the ranger, are defined as a request to attend by Police; a dog attack; stock wandering on a thoroughfare; a snake in a building. Please contact the Shire for all other situations.
  • Arrangements for the provision of emergency management services are almost complete and further details will be provided once this is finalised.

Kind Regards,

Vin Fordham Lamont

Chief Executive Officer