Citizen of the Year Awards 2023


Jodie Smith

Congratulations to Jodie Smith for winning the 2023 Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards for the Shire of Carnamah. 

Jodie was announced as the very worthy winner of this year's Awards at the 26th January 2023 Australia Day ceremony hosted by the Carnamah Historical Society and Museum. 

Jodie has been nominated for her tireless work behind the scenes with the many community group she is involved with in Carnamah. She is not afraid of getting her hands dirty and inevitably takes on administrative roles, which she has been conducting to a very high standard for over 20 years.

Under Jodie's mentorship, the youth of Carnamah have learnt new skills in the area of management, organisation and leadership. Some of the groups she has (and continues to) provide support and guidance are: 

  • Carnamah Joeys and Scout group - she started the group and became the Leader; 
  • Carnamah District High School canteen - some would say that the Carnamah HS kids were the best fed in the Mid West region during her service!;
  • Carnamah Glitzy Dancing group - Jodie has been making, altering and organising the vast array of costumes for 15 years;
  • Salvation Army volunteer - she was knitting blankets for the needy in winter; 
  • Friends of the North Midlands Health Service - Jodie made teddy bears for sick children; 
  • Support volunteer for St John Ambulance;
  • Carnamah Historical Society - where she held many roles, successfully obtaining grants that catered the restoration works of the Macpherson Homestead, and has been awarded a life membership; and
  • Carnamah Tourism group - she held the position of Secretary.

On behalf of Council, we congratulate Jodie for her commitment to the community and continuous hard work.