Council & Committee Meetings


Ordinary Meetings of Council are held on the third Wednesday of each month (except January).  Meetings held at Eneabba will commence at 3:00pm, meetings held at Carnamah will commence at 4:00pm.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.

Meetings are held at the:

  • Carnamah Council Chambers 33-37 Macpherson Street, Carnamah, and
  • Eneabba Sportsman's Club, Eneabba Drive, Eneabba.

At each meeting there is a public question time near the start of the meeting, where members of the public can ask questions of the Council.  Anyone wishing to direct a question to Council that may require research is encouraged to give prior notice to the Chief Executive Officer so the information can be available at the meeting. If these questions cannot be readily answered during the meeting, the Council will take the question on notice and respond either by letter or at the next meeting.

Audit Committee Meetings are held as required, generally February and October / November.


Council Meeting Dates 2019

February  20th Carnamah Council Chambers
March  20th Eneabba Sportsman's Club
April  17th Carnamah Council Chambers
May  22nd Carnamah Council Chambers
June  20th Carnamah Council Chambers
July  17th Carnamah Council Chambers
August  21st Carnamah Council Chambers
September  18th Eneabba Sportsman's Club
October  16th Carnamah Council Chambers
November  20th Carnamah Council Chambers
December  18th Carnamah Council Chambers

Meeting minutes and agendas can be downloaded here →