Road conditions

                                             General - Gravel Roads
The Shire of Carnamah advise that flood damage repair work has commenced on gravel roads within the north-east sector of the Shire.  Contractors have mobilised plant and equipment in this area.  Please exercise caution when using roads in this locality.
(Ongoing - October 2017)

                                           Sealing and Asphalt Works
The Shire of Carnamah advise that sealing work will be carried out on Thursday 12 October to: Bowman Street (Carnamah townsite) and Carnamah-Eneabba Road (approx 55-57kms from Carnamah).

On Monday 16 October, asphalt laying will be carried out to the following streets in the Carnamah townsite: Inja Street, Nairn Street, Newman Street, Caron Street (between Macpherson & Bowman Streets) and to the corner of Forrester Avenue and Bowman Street.