Public Comment requested - 2020/8658 Beach Energy (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd/ Exploration (mineral, oil and gas - non-marine)/ between Eneabba and Dongara, Shires of Irwin, Carnamah, Three Springs and Mingenew/Western Australia/ Zemira 3D Seismic Survey.

15th June 2020

2020/8658  Beach Energy (Perth Basin) Pty Ltd/ Exploration (mineral, oil and gas - non-marine)/ between Eneabba and Dongara, Shires of Irwin, Carnamah, Three Springs and Mingenew/Western Australia/ Zemira 3D Seismic Survey. 

Public comment is being sought regarding tje EPBC Referral (Environmental Permit) for the Zemira 3D Seismic Survey. Public comment will be open for one week, starting today.

If you are interested in providing public comment, please click on the link to access the information in relation to this project. 

When providing comments:

  • Clearly reference the referral number and proposal title in your submission.
  • State clearly whether, and how, you believe the proposal would have a significant impact on matters protected by Part 3 of the EPBC Act.
  • If you believe the information in the referral is misleading or incorrect, you should state the reasons why and provide correct information, if available.
  • Give the source of any key information used in reaching your conclusion.
  • Provide clear contact details if the Department needs to get in touch with you to seek clarification.

How to submit your comments

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11th June 2020


Date: 11 June 2020


A MARKYT Community Resilience Scorecard has been launched to map community resilience, local government performance and community needs. Local Governments would like to hear from 10,000 residents across Western Australia. 

The study is unique in its scale, reach and impact. The project sees the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries, 139 Local Governments and local communities collaborating to access timely and relevant information.  The idea was sparked by Lisa Lough from CATALYSE and Candy Choo from Local Government Professionals WA when they found there was a shared need for this information.

“This is a special collaboration. With scarce resources, many small and regional councils could not access important information. This project is only possible because the State Government, Local Government and people across WA are sharing resources, time and energy.  It’s a genuine example of being stronger together.” 

Lisa Lough, CATALYSE Pty Ltd

Early indicators from 2,300 residents are that COVID-19 has had a high impact on 1 in 5 residents and 1 in 3 residents continue to have high concerns about COVID-19.  

Most residents agree their local government has put good health and safety practices in place to manage COVID-19 risks in local parks, libraries and community facilities. 

Communities are showing their resilience. Around 8 in 10 residents rate their general health as good or better and 8 in 10 residents rate their social relationships as good or better.  Most are feeling hopeful and enthusiastic about the future. 

“Early results are encouraging.  They highlight strong leadership in Local Government to support their communities. They reinforce the crucial role Local Government has during times of crisis and emergency.

Respondents are saying they want Local Government to take an active role in economic recovery and to engage local businesses and community members to create a Recovery Plan. But, to find out if these are the main priorities in each local government area, we need to hear from more people.”

Candy Choo, Local Government Professionals WA

The MARKYT Community Resilience Scorecard will remain open until 3 July 2020.  It is open to all residents aged 18 years or older and can be completed online at



Contact name:                        Candy Choo, Chief Executive Officer

Organisation:              Local Government Professionals WA


Phone:                         0409138807

The MARKYT Community Resilience Scorecard is gathering baseline and informing data to help local communities evaluate symbols of recovery following the COVID-19 outbreak in Western Australia.  It is helping local leaders and decision makers to understand how local communities are coping in relation to their health, social relationships and work and what local government needs to prioritise to support communities during the recovery phase.

The Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries works collaboratively with government, community organisations, peak bodies and other stakeholders to achieve a vision of creating a vibrant, inclusive and connected WA community.

Local Government Professionals WA is the peak representative body for local government professionals in Western Australia.  It is committed to continual improvement in local government leadership, governance, management and service delivery for local communities, and ensuring that members are at the forefront of change and innovation.

CATALYSE Pty Ltd is a Perth based consultancy with expertise in research and strategic planning.  It believes in the power of working together to achieve greatness.  Through its benchmarking services, it strives to enable organisations and communities to learn from each other to continuously improve and create pathways to success.