Shire of Carnamah

Shire of Carnamah Re-Branding Project

Some interesting conversations were had when Castledine and Castledine presented four broad concepts for community consideration.

Based on subsequent feedback received by the Shire, the following taglines have been put forward as preferred options:

  • Come to life on the land
  • Expand your horizons
  • Grow with us

Please let us know which of these you prefer or, if you don’t like any of them, perhaps you can suggest something better.

Of the four concepts, most support has been for Concept C, which involved using the letter “A” in “Carnamah” and “Eneabba” as the main focus. Again, we would like to know which of the four concepts you prefer, or a different concept of your choosing. Once a preferred concept has been identified, details such as colour, font and specific elements can be combined in an almost limitless number of ways to produce a final product.

We encourage you to provide comments to the Shire by 30 November as Council will then be moving forward with the project.

Please take note that comments made around town or on social networking sites will not be considered. If you wish to have your say on this matter, you will need to contact the Shire directly.

Feedback can be sent to the Shire by email ( or by snail mail at PO Box 80, Carnamah WA 6517.

Vin Fordham Lamont

Chief Executive Officer

Click here to view the Concepts Presentation




OUR TOWN Episode Three - Midwest from VISAGE Productions on Vimeo.

The Shire of Carnamah in the North Midlands region of Western Australia encompasses an area of 2384 square kilometres. The principal town of Carnamah is situated on the Midlands Road, 308 kilometres north of Perth. Eneabba is situated on the Brand Highway, 278 kilometres north of Perth, 65 kilometres west of Carnamah and 30 kilometres east of Leeman.

Both towns support the principal industry of agriculture (grain and sheep farming) with rural suppliers, machinery dealership, automotive & smash repair businesses, primary and high schools, and various retail and service outlets.  Recent extensions carried out by Cooperative Bulk Handing have resulted in Carnamah becoming one of the largest primary grain receival points in the region.

Tourism is an emerging industry due to an increased awareness amongst travellers, of the Shire being one of the richest areas in the state for wildflowers from August to October. The Carnamah Historical Society Museum is well recognised as being one of the most comprehensive in the state in terms of it accurately representing the history and growth of agriculture and in displaying machinery, records and artefacts from the last 100 years. (   This has led to the development of a Tourist Information Centre in Carnamah, and an increased demand for accommodation and reservations at the Caravan Park.  Eneabba serves as a service/stopover point for travellers wishing to access Lake Indoon and the Coolimba Coast during peak holiday seasons and long weekends.

Our ‘Two Town Shire’ is a classic blend of the ‘old’ and the ‘not so old’ with Eneabba being gazetted as a town in 1961, after the area was opened up for agricultural purposes in the 1950’s.  On the other hand, Carnamah has recently celebrated its Centenary, during which time; many of the historical buildings (and history) were showcased to many visitors and the wider public. The friendliness and diversity of our two towns allow/make for a relaxed lifestyle.

Whether you are here for the long term, just a few years or just passing through – we hope you enjoy the time you spend in the Shire of Carnamah.


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